For Kids: Finding Your Asthma Triggers 

Triggers are things that make your asthma worse. The more you can keep away from your triggers, the better you’ll feel. Do you know your triggers? Put an X in the box next to each of your asthma triggers. Then find your asthma triggers in the picture and circle them.


☐  pets and animal dander

☐  dust and dust mites

☐  cooking odors

☐  smoke (tobacco)

☐ cockroach droppings


☐  exercise or activity

☐  changes in weather (cold or dry air)

☐  colds or flu (respiratory viruses or bacterial infections)

☐  dampness (mold)

☐ acid reflux

☐  plants and trees (pollen)

☐  strong smells (such as scented candles or personal care products)

☐  sprays (such as hairspray or cleaners)

☐  car and truck exhaust fumes

☐  strong emotions (such as crying, laughing, or stress)


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