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When to Call the Doctor After Bypass Surgery

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Call your healthcare team if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Fever  of 100.4˚F (38˚C) or higher, or as directed by your healthcare provider

  • Unexplained chills or sweating

  • Sharp pain in the chest on taking a deep breath

  • Bleeding from the incision sites

  • Belly (abdominal) pain, nausea, constipation, or vomiting that doesn't go away

  • Increasing pain that doesn't get better after taking pain medicine

  • Swelling, redness, oozing, or cloudy discharge at the incision sites

  • Unexplained bruising

  • Continued sensation of motion or clicking sounds in your breastbone

  • Sudden weight gain. Tell your doctor if you gain 1 to 2 pounds (0.45 to 0.9 kg) within 24 hours or more overnight or 5 pounds (2.27 kg) or more in 1 week.

  • Increased swelling of the legs, especially on the side where the vein was not removed

  • Drainage or foul smelling odor from the incisions on the chest or leg

Call 911

Call 911 right away if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing not relieved by rest

  • Angina or chest pain symptoms like those you felt before surgery

  • Sudden severe headache

  • Sudden weakness and numbness in the arms or legs

  • Dizziness or fainting spells

  • Fast heartbeat (150 beats per minute and short of breath), extremely slow heartbeat, or irregular heartbeat


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